March 12, 2011

Greenwich Sofa & Chair

Both of these pieces are designs by Robin Bruce, and both come in a huge range of color and fabric styles which makes them the perfect option for a custom fit to your own home decor.

I personally love that you can really create your own statement by which fabric and color you choose. With the sofa, for example, the design and shape is incredibly inviting and elegant and has both modern and classic elements within it - either of which could be played up or down with your upholstery choice.
If you're going for a more modern feel, you could go with something like a Blue-Grey Linen or a Khaki Twill. Leaning more towards classic and traditional? Create a more elegant and luxe look with something like a rich Beige Velvet.

The Greenwich Sofa comes in 20 (yes., 20!) different color/fabric combinations which makes it truly customizable! View them all here.

Not to be upstaged, the Greenwich Chair (pictured below) also comes in a variety of color and fabric combinations - a whopping 17 different styles! Although it does come in some solid colors with fabrics like velvet, what's really great about this chair is that it's also available in some really awesome prints.

With this chair model, there are more "traditional" prints available like florals and houndstooth, but my personal favorites are the fun and unique prints like their "Grey Birds" and "Pink Dots" (view more here).
Either way, a solid or print of this model would make an amazing custom accent chair for almost any room.

Customer Review - Sofa & Chair;
"I bought the Greenwich chair and sofa and chose grey velvet as the fabric for both. They look beautiful, very elegant and head-turning. They are both on the firm side, however, comfort-wise, which helps them to hold their lovely shape, but if you were thinking of using these for cozy curling-up places, they would not be the best choice for this."

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