March 1, 2011

Avenue Six Curves Button Back Chair

Avenue Six Curves Button Back Chair in Spring Green Velvet

I love the simple touch of tufting on this chair - not too much, but just enough to add a little oomph to the design. This is one of those pieces that really brings a modern feel to a traditionally classic upholstering style - it's really the best of both worlds. I particularly love this beautiful shade of green velvet but if it isn't your cup of tea, this chair style does come in other colors.

The design of this chair is unique and eye-catching, and would make a perfect accent chair in any room.

This chair has wonderful customer reviews - many of which state how quick and easy the assembly was, which is always nice to hear when ordering furniture online. In addition, is also currently promoting this product by offering discounts when you buy this chair in quantities of two or more!

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