March 1, 2011

Button-Tufted Chaise Settee - Floral

Floral Button Tufted Chaise Settee Sofa

This classically designed chaise settee features a vintage wallpaper-inspired black-and-white floral design and is upholstered in all-cotton, hand-sewn fabric for a luxurious feel.

A definite statement piece, this settee is sure to brighten up any room and inspire envious looks from neighbors and friends.

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Also, if you like this style and shape but are looking for something a bit less bold,
Click Here to view my post on the Roslyn Double Arm Tufted Settee by Skyline Furniture.
It's a similar style but comes in a wide variety of solid colors, like the one pictured below.

Above: Skyline Furniture Roslyn Settee Sofa in Velvet


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